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HPGR Carbide button
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HPGR Carbide button


High Pressure Grinding Rolls
Roller press, used for mineral and cement breaking, inlayed with carbide inserts, can improve the wear-resistant more than 10 times than traditional overlaying welding. Life time would be more than 30000H for cement clinker, 25000H for cement raw material, 8000 - 10000H for iron mine.

grade - carbide button

Carbide Button for Studded Roller
Spherical crown was made of hemisphere design, to avoid stress concentration cause to steel damaged.
Corner with arc transition, to avoid the damage during production, transportation, installation, and using procedure.
HIP sintered, good product density and high strength.
Apply special technology to relieve stress of product surface after processing, at the same time improved surface hardness
Product surface coated with a layer of grease to avoid oxidation. 

HPGR Carbide stud

    we are quite confident on offering guarantee on our product and services by emphasizing carbide cutting inserts and tools for modern industries.



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