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  • Q: What Diameter And Length Of Gun Drill Blanks?

    RE: Standard length 330mm with kidney hole(Ø3.5~Ø8), single or twin hole(Ø8~Ø45). Standard short blanks or profiled blanks upon request.
  • Q: How About Life-time of Gun Drill Blanks?

    RE: All of our carbide blanks are exported to USA, Japan, Korea, Europe. Life time is as good as Ceratizit, Botek and Hardmetal-estech from customers’ feedback.
  • Q:How To Control Blanks Quality?

    RE: KONETOOL follow PEG manufacturing technique to ensure inner structure of blanks at the beginning. A series of strict inspection at each step of raw material choosing, burdening, pressing, sintering and polishing to obtain satisfying gun drill blanks.


  • Q:What Is The Lead Time For Blanks?

    RE: Standard sizes are finished about 15 days. Profiled blanks need about 25 days for making new mold at first time. Stocks are available upon request after stable cooperation.
  • Q:How To Pack Carbide Blanks?

    RE: Gun drill blanks are packed by strong plastic box and paper carton, with label on it. See below.


  • Q:How Do You Control The Delivery ?

    RE: We cooperate with UPS, TNT, FEDEX to ensure fast shipment and save cost for clients.


  • Q: Which grade we use of carbide blanks for gun drill?

    RE:Our grade is KT30U, which is similar with Ceratizit CTF12E(H20X/HC20), Guhring DK105, Estech RF13. Good performance to process steel, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel etc.
  • Q: Which grade we use for carbide inserts?

    RE:We design more than 10 kinds of grade P/M/K for various requirement, and will recommend to clients with different application.
  • Q: What kind of coating for Carbide Inserts?

    RE:Usually follow PVD and CVD coating. Popular 5 type: TiN, TiCN, TiAlN/AlTiN, AlCrN, Diamond.
  • Q: How many types available of carbide rotary burrs?

     We provide 19 standard  types , customers can require combination set according to their needs. if the customer need  special shape, we can also provide customization. Please feel free to chat with our sales if you have any question. 
  • Q: What is the application of carbide rotary burrs?

    RE:The main uses are:
    fine processing of all kinds of metal mold cavity, such as shoe mold etc.
    the carvings of various metal and non metal processes, and the carving of the craft gifts.
    clean up the flown, burrs and welds of the cast, forged and welded parts, such as the machine casting plant, the shipyard, the automobile factory etc.
    all kinds of mechanical parts of the chamfering rounding and groove processing, pipe cleaning, hole surface finishing machinery parts, such as machinery factory, repair factory etc..
    repair of the impellers, such as an automobile engine factory.
    we are quite confident on offering guarantee on our product and services by emphasizing carbide cutting inserts and tools for modern industries.



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