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  • carbide-blanks-polish-tool-1.jpg

    Designed Tools To Polish Blanks Of Outer Diameter

    Outer-diameter polishing of blanks is always a complicated step for manufacturing blanks for gun drills. Our experienced engineer designed two kind of tools to polish profiled blanks or short blanks with single coolant hole or twin coolant holes.
  • solid-carbide-flat-drills.jpg

    History Of Gun Drills

    For deep hole drilling, several kind of drills appeared in the history, flat drills, half-round drills, twist drills, gun drills etc. Only gun drills are popular for special features of single cutting edge with self-guiding, automatic chips-removal and cooling lubrication.
  • gun-drill.jpg

    Gun Drilling For Deep Holes

    Gun drilling is a precision deep hole drilling process that uses a long, straight tool to produce extremely deep holes in a variety of materials. This tool has a unique head geometry, and a groove along the length of the tool, differentiating it from a conventional twist drill.
  • deep-hole-drilling-gun-drill-tools.jpg

    What Is Deep Hole Drilling

    Deep hole drilling is beneficial across several applications. Oil and gas exploration equipment, armaments, aerospace equipment, and engines are common applications for deep hole drilling and machining processes. In each of these industries, hole qualities are necessary for high-performance end products, such as landing gear that easily retracts. Production requires deep hole drilling that is reliable, accurate, and time-efficient.
  • carbide rotary burr set.jpg

    Carbide Rotary Burr Set Instrodution

    Carbide Rotary Burr Set InstrodutionOur company's hotsale products carbide rotary burr set has received good feedback on the market.With the company's products gradually pushed to all walks of life around the world. More and more Clients prefer to choose the suit when they choose to rotate the produ
  • shipbuilding tools carbide rotary burr.png

    Carbide Rotary Burr's Core Technology Welding Technology

    Rotary boring welding technologyAt present, the rotary cymbals used in the world generally have two kinds of brazing and silver welding, and the most common one is brazing.Welding technology is the core technology that chooses to remove materials. It is directly related to the service life of rotati
  • carbide rotary burr.jpg

    The Application of Carbide Rotary Burrs

    The main uses are:fine processing of all kinds of metal mold cavity, such as shoe mold etc.the carvings of various metal and non metal processes, and the carving of the craft gifts.clean up the flown, burrs and welds of the cast, forged and welded parts, such as the machine casting plant, the shipya
  • IMG_5009.JPG

    Indian customers visit

    In 21th Dec, Indian customers came to visit our company. As the performance of cemented carbide products continues to improve, the replacement of HSS is becoming more and more widespread. The Indian market is huge. We are honored to have this opportunity to welcome Indian customers and to communicat

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