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Carbide Rotary Burr's Core Technology Welding Technology
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Carbide Rotary Burr's Core Technology Welding Technology

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Carbide Rotary Burr's Core Technology

       At present, Generally There are two welding methods in the world for the carbide rotary burr .

silver welding and copper welding, and the copper welding is most popular .

Welding technology is the core technology that chooses to remove materials. It is directly related to the service life of The carbide Rotary Burr  in harsh environments. If this link is not done well, the tools in high-speed rotation. the carbide head and steel handle will easy to be separation. This will causes the tool to be scrapped.

KONETOOL has mastered these two welding techniques. Ensure that our products continue to perform exceptionally well in harsh environments such as the shipbuilding industry. 

Carbide rotary burrs are also considered to be very common shipbuilding tools.

    we are quite confident on offering guarantee on our product and services by emphasizing carbide cutting inserts and tools for modern industries.



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