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Carbide Blanks For Gun Drills
Deep Hole Drilling-Gun Drills
  Carbide gundrill represents advanced and efficient hole processing technology. It can not only be used to process deep holes (diameter ratio 1:25), but also can be used to process shallow holes (diameter ratio 1:1), Konetool will provide you the best deep hole processing solution.
Support For High Speed Grinding
  Konetool  focus on the processing of carbide rotary burr, we provide global customers with various kinds of rotary burr.Konetool  keep a large stock of standard products , and also we can make delivery  fastly   with the high quality  customized products which will meet your needs.
"Quality" Is The First Rule
​  100% virgin material of tungsten carbide blanks for machine knives is basis of Quality Control.
We respect customers' demand on tolerance and internal structure by a series of high-precision inspecting equipments.
we believe in this ethics.This is the reason we apply updated innovative technologies to ensure quality at its optimum.we have a strong quality control management team.We apply 100% inspection on quality not only on raw material but also at each steps of the manufacturing.
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       We are a professional manufacturer of high quality Tungsten Carbide Products in China. All products on this website are used for metalworking industries. Gun drill blanks for deep hole drilling, carbide bur for resharpening, carbide turning and milling inserts to process steel, stainless steel, alumimum, copper, cast iron...

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For deep hole drilling, several kind of drills appeared in the history, flat drills, half-round drills, twist drills, gun drills etc. Only gun drills are popular for special features of single cutting edge with self-guiding, automatic chips-removal and cooling lubrication.



Gun Drilling For Deep Holes

Gun drilling is a precision deep hole drilling process that uses a long, straight tool to produce extremely deep holes in a variety of materials. This tool has a unique head geometry, and a groove along the length of the tool, differentiating it from a conventional twist drill.



What Is Deep Hole Drilling

Deep hole drilling is beneficial across several applications. Oil and gas exploration equipment, armaments, aerospace equipment, and engines are common applications for deep hole drilling and machining processes. In each of these industries, hole qualities are necessary for high-performance end products, such as landing gear that easily retracts. Production requires deep hole drilling that is reliable, accurate, and time-efficient.



Designed Tools To Polish Blanks Of Outer Diameter

Outer-diameter polishing of blanks is always a complicated step for manufacturing blanks for gun drills. Our experienced engineer designed two kind of tools to polish profiled blanks or short blanks with single coolant hole or twin coolant holes.


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  • Q: What Diameter And Length Of Gun Drill Blanks?

    RE: Standard length 330mm with kidney hole(Ø3.5~Ø8), single or twin hole(Ø8~Ø45). Standard short blanks or profiled blanks upon request.
  • Q: How About Life-time of Gun Drill Blanks?

    RE: All of our carbide blanks are exported to USA, Japan, Korea, Europe. Life time is as good as Ceratizit, Botek and Hardmetal-estech from customers’ feedback.
  • Q:How To Control Blanks Quality?

    RE: KONETOOL follow PEG manufacturing technique to ensure inner structure of blanks at the beginning. A series of strict inspection at each step of raw material choosing, burdening, pressing, sintering and polishing to obtain satisfying gun drill blanks.


  • Q:What Is The Lead Time For Blanks?

    RE: Standard sizes are finished about 15 days. Profiled blanks need about 25 days for making new mold at first time. Stocks are available upon request after stable cooperation.
  • Q:How To Pack Carbide Blanks?

    RE: Gun drill blanks are packed by strong plastic box and paper carton, with label on it. See below.


    we are quite confident on offering guarantee on our product and services by emphasizing carbide cutting inserts and tools for modern industries.



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